A Long Drive to Nowhere

December 28, 2021

Your eyes search the tight curve ahead, you inhale a deep breath of fresh air and you can feel the engine rev. You accelerate into that long awaited release from reality into a parallel world. It’s almost sensory overload.

All of your senses have come alive, stress is draining away and your creativity is making a comeback as you think of all the possibilities that lie ahead in the sleepy small towns or urban rush of the big cities. It could be a quick lap around the neighborhood to unravel some mental knot, or a spontaneous, hours-long tour through Whereamiville for some horse-powered contemplation of life’s biggest questions. You can buckle up, take off, and solve your problems anytime you feel like it.

That’s perhaps the greatest thing about your vehicle. You can set off for nowhere without rushing, find a diversion, and explore. You can take any fork in the road, listen to any music genre or audio book and the itinerary is just a rough plan sketched out in pencil.

If work and family consume your mental bandwidth, a Sunday morning drive or even a lunch-break saunter about town might be your only chance to clear your head so you can actually hear your innerself.

When you drive, you think. You imagine. You sing along to the music and put symbolic miles between you and whatever that thing bothering you was. A drive is a short escape, but it’s meaningful.

Where will you go – across country? Perhaps another province? Maybe even just over to the next county? You are the Master of your own Universe that is happening right then and there in your car.