About Us
"A small team of automotive professionals."

We are a small team of experienced professionals in the automotive and automotive repair field.

We started off in auto repair for the sales team at Tilbury Auto Sales & RV and grew into a blossoming local auto repair shop, with customers outside of the local dealers.

We're an extension of Tilbury Auto Sales & RV. They had a vision - to be able to take their business even further, and to have an auto repair shop separate from the main location. To service more local vehicles and to create new business opportunities.

In August of 2020, we opened our doors to the public, and haven't looked back since!

Thank YOU Tilbury - for all your continued support.

What we are best at

Some of our Services

Tune Ups
From oil changes, fluid top ups and more maintenance services we got you covered for whatever the road throws at you.
Brake Services
We offer all brake services from simple pad replacement down to full change outs & repair.
Battery & Alternator
Battery and alternator repair & replacement. Starter replacement & electrical issues.
When in doubt, scan it out. Our diagnostic services will help you diagnose whatever that pesky light means.
Air conditioning and heat repair. Air Filter changes, & More.
Dealership or individuals looking for vehicle safeties - done efficiently and in a timely manner - for when it matters!